Back to work…

After something of a hiatus resulting from a flurry of personal, professional, and geographical changes, I am once again in the mood to get back to writing on this blog. I’m not entirely sure what direction I will be taking it this time around, but time will tell.

Some notes for anyone interested in services:

  • Due to my current ‘day job’ I am no longer able to offer research services to either Governments or First Nations. There would be just too much potential for perceived conflict of interest.
  • Academic Proofreading and Editing as well as Tutoring are once again be on offer! Tutoring is offered specifically to students of history (and related disciplines) while academic proofreading and editing is available for any English-Language academic work.
  • I do not anticipate any upcoming offerings of University Prep courses, but if you have a long-term vision for any such course to be run next summer, let’s talk!

If you are about to start or return school – good luck and have fun! Remember to give yourself the time to do things right. Don’t rush your work, try not to fall behind early on, and whatever you do don’t even consider cheating/plagiarizing! It is never worth it.

Also, don’t hesitate to talk to your profs. Far from being bothered by students, most academics welcome the chance to talk about their subject outside the classroom.

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